League of Conservation Voters Endorses Barack Obama

The Complete Endorsement is at this link on the LCV page

Here is some of what they had to say during their endorsement:

New Hope. New Energy

LCV Endorses Barack Obama

WASHINGTON, DC - Today, the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), which works to turn environmental values into national priorities, endorsed Barack Obama for President of the United States. At events in Colorado, Ohio, Montana, Michigan, New Mexico, and Washington, DC, LCV representatives and members joined elected officials and environmental champions to celebrate the endorsement and to discuss Senator Obama’s history of support for the environment and his plans for America’s energy future.

“America's brightest opportunities have always grown from our greatest challenges," Senator Obama said. "Today we face the twin challenges of rising gas prices and global warming, and the American people are ready to face them. We can harness the potential of new energy and give Americans a choice, not between filling up a gas tank or feeding their families, but between real energy alternatives. I thank the members of the League of Conservation Voters across our nation for their support and know that, together, we will create a better, cleaner, more secure future.”

“Senator Obama’s proven record and his commitment to a clean, renewable energy future make him the best choice for President,” LCV President Gene Karpinski said. “At a time when this country must reinvent itself for a new energy future, we can imagine no better steward than Barack Obama. Under his leadership, America will finally achieve the economic growth, environmental protection, and national security that are possible with a new, clean energy economy.”

“We have a real choice here,” said Carol Browner, LCV board member and the longest-serving EPA Administrator in the agency’s history. “Barack Obama has been a committed leader and has offered bold and comprehensive proposals when it comes to global warming, energy and the environment. John McCain, whose plan will be a continuation of Bush-era political gimmicks, will carry on Bush’s legacy of failure when it comes to energy policy,"

For thirty-eight years, LCV’s annual Environmental Scorecard has been the nationally accepted, non-partisan, environmental report card for our leaders. Barack Obama has earned an impressive lifetime 86% score. His opponent, Senator McCain, has earned only a 24% score.

Solving the related challenges of energy and global warming is LCV’s top priority, and the records of McCain and Obama are very different on these issues. Barack Obama plans to raise fuel efficiency to 52 miles per gallon by 2030, invest $150 billion in clean energy technology, require utilities to produce 25% of energy from renewable sources by 2025, and to implement a cap and trade program that will reduce global warming pollution by 80% and make polluters pay for their emissions. Senator McCain has no plan to accomplish any of these goals and has voted against them throughout his career. He opposes new fuel efficiency laws, opposes a national renewable electricity standard, and offers only $300 million for the development of clean technologies.

“Barack Obama’s plan for global warming and energy independence is the most substantive, comprehensive plan ever put forward by a nominee for President,” Karpinski concluded.